Skye Partners understands that the success of the company has been achieved due to the diversity of the founding partners’ backgrounds and skills together with a collective unity of purpose.  In staffing decisions, Skye has sought to look beyond paper qualifications and even job experience, to find the right person for the task.  Skye employees share in the entrepreneurial vision of the company and are passionately committed to its success.

Richard Glanas, Partner
Richard started his career as a licensed structural engineer, designing projects in the UK, Ireland and the US. After acquiring an MBA from Harvard University, Richard joined the fledgling real estate department of Goldman Sachs in 1985. In his nine years at Goldman, Richard performed in a wide variety of roles including; consultant, broker, tenant representative, investor, and finally, as the 1990 R.T.C. buying opportunity emerged, head of asset management for the phenomenally successful first and second Whitehall Funds. Richard left Goldman to work on individual investment opportunities utilizing his broad knowledge of real estate and his intimacy with the Wall Street investment community, culminating in the formation of Skye Partners.

Greg Harless, Partner
Greg is a Southern California native who has spent his entire career in the Los Angeles area commercial real estate industry with experience in development, marketing and management. A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, Greg was a partner in a locally prominent brokerage and consulting firm for twelve years, successful representing numerous landlords and tenants in a wide variety of leasing and sales transactions prior to forming Skye. Greg’s experience with all aspects of project development and management has resulted in a skill set that provides Skye with unique market understanding and operational capabilities.

Kristina Jacobs, Controller
Kristina came to Skye twelve years ago with experience in both conventional real estate property investments as well as studio properties. Kristina holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of St. Petersburg. Consistently praised by equity partners for the accuracy and timeliness of her reporting, Kristina shares the Skye commitment to customer service. Kristina earned an Award in Accounting from UCLA and passed the CPA exam in 1995.